2013-2014 Members' Meeting





19 SEP 2013

Allen Rae 

 American Axle Manufacturing

Quality: Leadership, Labor and Lessons Learned


7 OCT 2013

Kevin Gilson,

Orion Registrar, Inc.

Quality Professional and ISO 26000: Guideline on Social Responsibility


4 NOV 2013

Michael Down

What's Happening at AIAG


2 DEC 2013

Geri Markley 

Exective Director

Michigan Quality Concil

Quest for Performance Excellence

Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence 

6 JAN 2014

Reschedule to Februay 17 2014

Zissimos P. Mourelatos, PhD 

Oakland University, Rochester, MI

 Accelerated Life Testing Methodology for Vehicle Systems using Time-Dependent Reliability Principles

3 FEB 2014

Julia Swanson

Vice President, Performance Analytics and Improvement

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

Performance Analytics and Improvement

Using An Analytics Framework to drive Continuous Improvement


3 MAR 2014

Gary Ilker

"How to Get Your CEO/President's Support for Quality, aka. How to Show Quality's Effect on the Company's Bottom Line"

7 APR 2014

Norma Simons

President of Performance Innovation

Secretary of ASQ Education Division

Lean Six Sigma–More than a Set of Tools

Anyone needing any more information on LSS in Education, please contact Norma at norma@performance-innovation.com

Assessment Tool discussed in presentation



12 MAY 2014

Gary Heitman

Quality in Networking