2012-2013 Section Leadership Committe

Elected Officers

Chair David P. Beaudrie chair@asq1010.org


Monica Moses-Kleszcz

Treasurer Joan Rayford treasurer@asq1010.org
Secretary Tom Strong secretary@asq1010.org

Key Committee Chairs

Arrangements Chair

Monica Moses-Kleszcz

Auditing Chair Donald Lynch auditing@asq1010.org
Certification Chair (managing certification exams) Melinda DeCoste certification@asq1010.org
Education Chair David P. Beaudrie education@asq1010.org
Examining Committe Chair Donald Lynch examining@asq1010.org
Membership Chair Jasvir Pannu membership@asq1010.org
Networking Chair George Diehl networking@asq1010.org
Nominating Committe Chair
Placement Chair Don Wright careers@asq1010.org
Program Chair Jianhua Zhou programs@asq1010.org
Publicity Chair Jennifer Dye publicity@asq1010.org
Recertification Chair Eric Zink recertification@asq1010.org
Science Fair ChairKevin Gilsonsciencefair@asq1010.org
Website Tom Strong webmaster@asq1010.org
Voice of the Customer Chair Rose Smith voc@asq1010.org