ASQ requires that you recertify every three years to ensure that you maintain the same level of knowledge demonstrated in your first exam.
Recertification Process

Recertification Tips:
  • Begin your preparation for recertification as soon as you are certified or recertified by ASQ, you start accruing recertification units. You will need 18 units to recertify. Specific information is included in the Recertification Journal/Application (PDF, 332 KB). See link below.
  • Keep a cumulative total of where you are (recommend using the Recertification Journal)
  • Keep your back up materials in one place

The following certifications require recertification:

 Biomedical Auditor Software Quality Engineer
 Calibration Technician HACCP Auditor
 Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Master Black Belt
 Pharmaceutical GMP Professional Quality Auditor
 Quality Engineer Reliability Engineer
 Six Sigma Black Belt ASQ/DON Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
 Supplier Quality Professional 

Note: Quality Improvement Associate, Quality Inspector, Quality Process Analyst, Quality Technician, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Six Sigma Yellow Belt are lifetime certifications. They have no recertification requirements.

What you need to certify:
  • Obtain 18 recertification units (RUs) within a three-year recertification period or,
  • Retake the certification exam at the end of the 3-year recertification period
Note: You have a 6 month "grace period" from your recertification date to recertify by Journal.  After the 6-month grace period, you will need to recertify by exam within 1 year from your recertification date - your certification will expire/decertify and you will need to reapply for initial certification.

Recertification Time Cycle Example and Fees:
Recertification By Journal Fees

 ASQ MemberASQ Non-Member
 1 Certification $69 $109
 2 or more certifications


 $89 total

$109 each

   Recertification By Exam Fees

  ASQ Member ASQ Non-Member
 CMQ/OE            $368 $518
 CSSBB $338 $498
 $298 $448
 CCT $208 $368
 CMBB $2024 $2179

Note: All prices listed are subject to change without notice. 

2 Ways to Recertify:

1. Recertification by Journal

You may apply for recertification up to six months before or after your recertification date.  (The six months after your recertification date is a "grace period," so that you can collect your documentation and submit your journal along with payment.) Credits collected after your certification date will apply toward your next recertification application.

Recertification Resources:
If you are synchronizing two or more certifications, you must submit your recertification packet within the six-month grace period of the certification that's expiring first.  Read more on synchronizing your certifications.

2. Recertification by Exam

You have one year from your recertification date to recertify by exam before your certification(s) will decertify.  After the 6-month grace period, you can only recertify by exam.

Synchronizing my Certifications:

If you hold multiple ASQ Certifications you can "synchronize" them and renew them all at once by submitting a single recertification journal instead of separately renewing different certifications with different recertification dates.

Instructions on how to synchronize two or more certifications, please click here.

How to Submit Your Recert Application:

There are essentially two simple methods for submitting your completed recertification journal/application.

1. Online through your secure ASQ recertification web application. (turnaround time = 5 business days)
2. Via mail. (turnaround time = 3 weeks)

 Method A - Online Recertification Web Portal Method B - Paper Submission
You can apply for Recertification online, it's simple, it's fast and it's easy

You can also apply for Recertification by downloading a paper application
Step 1. Visit and log into your ASQ account

Step 1. Visit Download and print a hard copy of the Journal/Application
Step 2. Click on the recertify link in the right-hand side column and then start

Step 2. Fill out Journal/Application, print and include all supporting materials
Step 3. Begin uploading your documents and claim your points total - them submit when complete and pay online

Step 3. Include check/money order payable to: ASQ or fill in credit card information on application to mail to ASQ headquarters

Recertification Activities:

Qualifying Recertification Activities
    • Professional Development
    • Employment 
    • Courses - Student
    • Courses - Instructor
    • Meetings
    • Committees
    • Proctoring
    • Certifications
    • Electronic Media
    • Publishing
    • ASQ Membership
To see the Recertification Units for each activity, please click here, scroll and expand Recertification Activities.

Top ways to Earn Recert Units with ASQ:

ASQ credential holders qualify for recertification units by participating in Recertification Activities that relate to competency and knowledge requirements of your Certification.
  1. ASQ Courses - (up to 10.8 RUs) whether your teaching or a student attending courses - ASQ allows credit for these activities that enhance your professional development.  ASQ also provides Certification preparation and self-paced online instructor modules that can be taken from the comfort of your home in your time - visit ASQ Training Catalog.
  2. ASQ Section/ Division/ Conference Meetings - (up to 9.0 RUs) are a great way to connect you to a network of like-minded quality professionals and learn from the best in the business - visit ASQ Conferences & Events.
  3. ASQ Certifications (up to 6.0 RUs) - why not continue to enhance your career by taking another Certification and gain a competitive employment edge! - visit ASQ Cert Catalog.
  4. ASQ Membership (up to 1.5 RUs) - offers you many ways to develop and grow professionally.  Membership of ASQ gives you access to large amount of online materials such as, quality body of knowledge, industry journals, quality magazine, quality tools and methodologies, community networks, industry events and much more! Find out more by visiting ASQ Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here, scroll and expand "Frequently Asked Questions if you require additional information.

Send in your recertification packet up to 6 months before or after your certification(s) expiration date – no sooner or later. 

If you would like to have your recertification journal/application reviewed prior to submitting, please contact:

Eric Zink 
Recertification Chair

Visit the ASQ website for more recertification information.

 Key Contacts

Eric Zink
Re-certification Chair
ASQ Section 1010

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