Once you have an ASQ certification, you must recertify every three years. 
Recertification Process

Recertification Tips:
  • Begin your preparation for recertification as soon as you are certified or recertified by ASQ, you start accruing recertification units. You will need 18 units to recertify. Specific information is included in the Recertification Journal/Application (PDF, 332 KB). See link below.
  • Keep a cumulative total of where you are (recommend using the Recertification Journal)
  • Keep your back up materials in one place
Earning Recertification Units (RU’s):
  • Attending section meetings are an easy and inexpensive way to qualify for RU’s
  • Attending other local section meetings can earn you additional RU’s
  • Remember that you earn 10.8 RU’s if you are employed for the three years, that means you only need 7.2 additional RU’s
Recertification packet contents:
  • Include sufficient back-up (RU’s explicitly listed or an agenda with dates for the sessions)
  • Count instructor credit only for training which is outside your usual job responsibilities. 
  • Note: Send in copies of your back-up, not originals - They are not returned                                                                                                                
  • Carefully add up the hours for sessions to calculate RU’s – most errors occur here!!!
  • Include payment (check to ensure amount is correct
  • Provide all contact information, in the event that you may need to be contacted to clarify an issue or ask for additional documentation. 

Here are some examples of documentation to save and send with your journal/application.
  • Conference name badges, program agendas, attendance registration sheets
  • Past and present employment verification letters
  • Professional society meeting attendance receipts
  • Letters of participation and/or continuing service on professional society committees
  • Student transcripts
  • Training records—certificates, course outlines, employee training records, attendance rosters
  • Instructor records of courses taught (for instructor credit)
  • Letters from clients whom you have serviced (for self-employed)
Fees for recertification
ASQ Member         ASQ Non-Member

1 certification       $69                              $109                       
2 or more certifications     $89 total                      $109 each

All fees listed are subject to change without notice.

Submitting your recertification packet:
Send in your recertification packet up to 6 months before or after your certification(s) expiration date – no sooner or later. Send to recertification chair:
Eric Zink

Refer to the following ASQ web site for information:

Synchronizing Certifications:
If you hold multiple ASQ certifications you can synchronize them and renew them all at once.

How do you synchronize your certifications?
By submitting a single recertification journal instead of separately renewing different certifications with different expiration dates.

How do you synchronize two or more certifications?
To synchronize two or more certifications, you need to include documentation for the 18 recertification units required to recertify the certification that is currently due. On the front cover of the recertification application form, indicate what other ASQ certification(s) you wish to synchronize with the certification that is currently due. (You're not required to provide evidence for any of the other certifications you are trying to synchronize.)

How does it work?
If the certification that is currently due is approved, ASQ will adjust all other certifications you indicate on the application form to expire at the same time as the certification currently due.

What happens with my future recertifications?
For future recertifications, you only need to provide a total of 18 recertification units for all synchronized certifications on one application form with one set of documentation.

Fees for recertifying and synchronizing two or more recertifictions:

                                                                            ASQ Member         ASQ Non-Member

1 or more certification       $69                              $109                       

All fees listed are subject to change without notice.

 Key Contacts

Eric Zink
Re-certification Chair
ASQ Section 1010

 Important Links

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